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Involuntary Urine Leakage - Overactive Bladder/Urge Incontinence

If you’re leaking small amounts of urine and having urgent bladder contractions frequently, more than 8 times a day, or more than 2 times at night, this could be a sign of overactive bladder or what is medically referred to as urge incontinence.


Small and frequent involuntary urination, urgent bladder contractions, accidents because you can’t make it to the bathroom in time.


Urinary tract infection: can lead to urge incontinence without realizing you might have a UTI if you are not experiencing other common symptoms such as burning, blood or odor during urination.

Hormonal changes: during and/or leading up to menopause estrogen levels start to decrease causing bladder and urethra muscles to weaken compromising their ability to control urinary functions.

Dietary choices: certain liquids such as caffeinated drinks like soda or coffee can increase overactive bladder symptoms and often limiting the amount of these types of liquids can help to reduce or manage symptoms. Many foods can also be irritating to the bladder such as acidic or spicy foods.

Certain medications: can cause side effects that lead to loss of bladder control.


Treatments include, behavioral therapies, dietary adjustments, medication changes and minimally invasive procedures such as Bladder Botox, Post-Tibial Nerve Stimulation (PTNS) or Interstim.

If you are experiencing bladder control issues, you are not alone! Millions of adults in the United States are affected by incontinence and it is very treatable. If you have questions about your symptoms, you can reach our Clinical Care Coordinator via the question form during normal business hours. Or schedule an appointment to discuss symptoms and treatment option with a Women’s Health Group provider.

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