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3D and 4D Ultrasound The Women's Health Group Denver, Colorado

During the course of your pregnancy, your doctor will most likely order one or more ultrasound examinations. Sonography is a medical imaging procedure that allows us to look at your pelvic organs and your baby, (or babies if more than one!). The Women’s Health Group offers on-site ultrasound performed by RDMS-certified sonographers. A sonographer has extensive training in anatomy, biology, and the medical equipment used in the ultrasound procedures. The sonographer focuses on getting the best images possible for your doctor. Your doctor will discuss the findings and the images with you. The sonographer is not able to have those discussions with you.

Will I have an ultrasound every visit during pregnancy?

Ultrasounds are performed for certain medical indications and are not routinely done at every visit. Most insurance plans will pay for one ultrasound during your pregnancy, and will require preauthorization for all other exams.

Do I need a full bladder for my ultrasound exam?

You WILL need a full bladder for the 12-week genetic (NT) exam. Many ultrasound exams don’t require a full bladder. Other ultrasound exams may require a full bladder; your physician or the staff will let you know in advance if you should arrive with a full bladder.

May I video record/sound record my ultrasound exam?

Unfortunately, the answer is ‘no’ to recording. Because this is a very technical procedure, the sonographer will have to focus on you, the patient, and not have the distractions of video recording. We ask that all cell phones and video devices be turned off during the exam. If you would like to have a picture while you are on the ultrasound table, the technologist will give you a few moments to do that before the exam starts.

Do you have 3D/4D imaging available?

YES! We offer Broadway Baby®, a 3D/4D imaging package, available for purchase. Since Broadway Baby® is not a medically required exam; insurance companies will not pay for it. The images are best done between 26-32 weeks for a single baby. Twins are best visualized at 20-24 weeks. If you are interested in more information, please request one of our detailed flyers at the checkout desk.

Am I allowed to have family or friends in the room during my ultrasound?

During a routine, doctor-ordered ultrasound, you may have up to two guests. If you are having a Broadway Baby® session, up to four guests are allowed in the room. Guests may be further limited at the discretion of the sonographer. During the course of your pregnancy, your doctor may order a NST (fetal non-stress test). Due to privacy issues, we will ask that your guests wait outside the NST room if there are other moms on the monitors. We appreciate your understanding.

Could I have an ultrasound to see the sex of my baby?

Your routine 20-week ultrasound exam is the best time to possibly see the gender (sex) of your baby. Depending on the timing and position, we may or may not be able to see the sex of your baby. Not all babies cooperate during the exam, so we cannot promise will be able to see the anatomy clearly. If you do not want to know the gender of your baby in advance, please tell the sonographer prior to the scan.

Could I have an earlier ultrasound?

If you choose to have an earlier ultrasound, between 15 and 20 weeks, to find out the gender, insurance will not pay for this. If your payment balance is at zero and the ultrasonographers have an opening, we can attempt to determine gender for a small courtesy fee of $60.00. Again, not all babies will cooperate, depending on angle of his or her movements.

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