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Patient Testimonials

You guys are all amazing. Kudos to Dr. Volin & Julie; all the ladies in the front & @ checkout.

Angie Gilmer is amazing at her job. I love how gentle and knowledgeable she is!

Ms. Olivia Thank you! You are awesome

Olivia is amazing! She always remembers me & is very caring when it comes to my anxiety & feeling relaxed & comfortable. She also answers all my questions – very knowledgeable. – C.S.

Shelly has been amazing. I would not have made it without her. – HD

Dr. Garcia was exceptionally caring, me being her for the first time, I was so impressed with her caring self and enjoyed her services. She explained everything and as so sweet. Glad to have her take care of me as a patient. Thank you, L.Q.

Sandra – She went above and beyond in the ultrasound, and she made us feel exceptionally excited and good about ourselves and baby!! Thank you so much!! – A. & D. B.

Shelly was THE BEST venipuncture ever. Give that girl a raise.

Olivia, M.A. – She treated my daughter very well, not like “why is this kid here.” – Extremely personable. – Daughter, T. loved her!

Dr. Garcia, Tammy, Megan, Sandy , Olivia – The whole staff basically is the best! – T. M.

Dr. Barnes and her M. A. Steph are both awesome. They smile, make me feel comfortable, and can’t fee her shots. She answers my questions with truth and quickness. Thank you.

Emily Austin & Danielle are amazing. I love how nice they are and how comfortable they make me feel. J LOVE THEM.

This is my 2nd pregnancy w/ Dr. Barnes and Stephanie. Stephanie is amazing – She always does a fantastic job taking my blood – it never hurts which is awesome ☺ I also really enjoy her personality she’s really a fun person & I’m glad I get to see her again ☺

Shelley was amazing at my blood draw! You guys rock.

Dr. Long is incredible! Definitely the best OB-GYN I’ve ever encountered. Very understanding of my special needs and great bedside manner! ☺

Nickola, Thank you for all that you do. I always looked forward to my weekly visits because you were so friendly and caring. You made every visit a positive visit and I can’t thank you enough. The T Family

Dr. Larson, THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!! I cannot express my deep gratitude accurately enough with words, but I’ll try anyways: Thank you for the safe delivery of my son, N. I have NEVER had a Doctor who was as caring, patient, informative, soothing, & compassionate! Thank you for taking the time to answer all my silly 1st child questions, not rushing through our appointments, and truly making me feel like I was empowered and informed during my pregnancy & delivery. I was terrified walking into the O.R. for (my 1st surgery ever) C-Section, but you and the team were amazing in calming my nerves, making me feel comfortable, and walking my husband and I through the procedure. I will forever be thankful and remember your hand hold and re-assuring words that everything was going to be fine. You are a VERY gifted Doctor and my family thanks you for all your help in getting us to “one bigger” in head count THANK YOU!!! Cheers, EP & The Gang

Nicola!!! I wanted to say THANK YOU! For taking such great care of me during my pregnancy! N. was my first and you made me feel so relaxed and had such patience to answer my new mother questions! You are amazing at your job and I feel truly blessed to have been able to be in the excellent care and attention given by you! Thank you for being so personable and understanding! I promise to bring the little guy in for the next apt Thank you millions again! Cheers, EP

Ericka has been a very nice person to me.

Stephanie, Thank you for your friendliness and professionalism with us today. You made a terrible process much more pleasant! S&A

So glad you have Patty here as a receptionist – She’s wonderful!

Thanks to Dr. Volin for working through the busy office.

First visit w/ Dr. Long. She is amazing! Made visit very enjoyable. Loved seeing Patty again!!

So happy to have such wonderful people to help me through this pregnancy! Thank you, Aimee and Tina! K.S.

We LOVE Tina!! She has been so supportive, nurturing, and professional throughout our entire pregnancy. You are lucky to have her as part of your team. Thanks Tina for being so amazing. D.

Tina is amazing! Fun, comfortable, informational, and overall the best medical assistant I’ve known. Quick to answer any questions I may have, goes out of her way to make sure I’m comfortable and informed, and makes it so I look forward to being here.

Tina is the best! The whole staff is amazing! S.

Tina has been wonderful to our family in both pre & post natal care. She takes time to ask how we’re doing & she always listens to our response. Her kind & caring approach made the whole process more enjoyable. We’re thankful for you Tina! Love, M. L. E. & E. P.

Stephanie A.K.A. “The Pro” is amazing and my mom said she’s a great asset to the company. Also Aimee is a wonderful, caring midwife and I wouldn’t want anyone else, thank you☺

Tina & Aimee, I have never been treated so well and had such a wonderful experience at a medical center. You two make my visits fun & enjoyable. I love the amount of support I get from Aimee, taking the time to listen & answer all my question, is the reason I have been able to be honest & have hope in my situation. Tina, it never fails. You call me with test results & instructions, answering all of my questions as well. I thank the both of you from the bottom of my heart for everything you have done & continue to do for me & my baby boy. I can’t wait to bring him to meet all of you! C.T. & baby boy

I just love all the girls at check-out – Shauna, Erika, and Megan are awesome!

Thanks for my beautiful baby sister! And taking care of my mom! I want to be a Dr. when I grow up. I use my tools to pretend to be a Dr. now! C.

Dr. Burgess, Thanks so much for the safe delivery of your beautiful baby girl. You made this an easy going and memorable pregnancy. We appreciate all that you have done to complete our family! Love, D. & T.

Tina Is always friendly, takes time to listen, and shows true compassion towards her patients and her job.

I had been having symptoms for a long time, but for the last 4 months, it had gotten really bad. I felt heavy, falling feelings, and that was my prolapse. I was referred to Dr. Volin by Dr. Lovato so I could find out my options. Dr. Volin explained everything to me. He was very gentle and understanding. I decided that the sling surgery to pull everything back up was the way to make me feel better. After the daVinci surgery, I was able to get up right away and walk. I felt brand new! Dr. Volin was attentive to my questions and very informative. I can’t give him enough praise . . He is genuinely wonderful! Now I am relieved. Six weeks after surgery and I have a changed attitude. I used to be grumpy and now I am happy. I trust Dr. Volin and feel like he is a saint! L.M.

Three years ago, my mother died of cervical cancer.  My grandmother had it and my cousin had it.  I had very heavy periods and was worried about my risk of cancer with my family history.  I saw Melinda Sharkey at The Women’s Health Group, Broomfield location, and she said to call about a surgery consult at the Thornton location.  The staff gave me the surgeon options, and I chose Dr. Volin.  He recommended a full hysterectomy using the daVinci robot.  I scheduled my procedure a week before Christmas and was able to go home the same night!  I was back to work by January 2nd and I felt amazing.  No one knew I had it done and that made it easier.  My close friends who I did talk about it with were very surprised I was so mobile and busy.  I am very relieved and happy with my surgery.  I can look forward to being healthy a long time now. – C.M.

I’m only 31, but since I was 16, I had bad, heavy periods, with clots, nausea, and migraines.  As I got older, they got worse, with cyst formation, pain, and the cysts would fill and have to be drained by a doctor.  Then they began rupturing on their own and no pain killer would help.  I went to the Emergency Room because I thought I was dying and they referred me to Dr. Volin.  I remembered he delivered my baby, so I was happy to see him again.  He diagnosed me with endometriosis.  Then he talked to me about my bladder leaking could be helped at the same time!  He performed a full hysterectomy and mesh bladder sling during my surgery.  The daVinci was great and I was up and around quickly.  The whole staff in the office and at North Suburban hosptial have been pleasant and helpful.  After only one week, I felt amazing!  I was a little slow during recovery, but I didn’t have any pain.  Now I have so much energy, I can play with my kids, exercise, and feel above and beyond is now normal.  Maybe for some people, this type of procedure isn’t life changing, but for me, it really has been.  – C.B.

I had a prior surgery for recurrent stress incontinence with another doctor, but it was starting to hurt. The mesh was exposed, so Melinda, the WHG P.A., trimmed it immediately as a temporary relief. Both my husband and I could feel it and I was getting more self-conscious. I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Hennesy to have her look at it during my annual Well-Woman Exam. She noticed that the mesh was too tight and referred me for surgery. Since I had the surgery, I have had no pain, but I was leaking from the looser position. So I had the mesh removed. I wasn’t interested in another procedure right away, so I appreciated Dr. Volin taking his time and trying some interim steps before another surgery. I tried the InTone device, but I was doing an improper Kegel exercise, so Dr. Volin referred me to a very helpful Physical Therapist. I was able to learn how to do a good Kegel, but it wasn’t enough to keep me from leaking. So I agreed to try DaVinci Robotic Surgery with the new generation of sling. It was amazing! I can cough, sneeze, lift my grandson, and not leak! Everything works great now and I am so thrilled with Dr. Volin’s care and patience with me. I’m thinking I might start jogging now! -- T.L.

North Suburban Medical Center, PRISM recognition:
Dr. Volin was compassionate, kind, and decisive.  He made me feel completely comfortable before my surgery and after.  He is the best – what a fantastic doctor!  - A.W.

Angie was very friendly & made me feel comfortable. Thank You!

Brandi, Thank you so much for all your help and support during my pregnancy. You were amazing during ALL the times I called with the questions and concerns. Not once did you make me feel silly for calling. You have such an amazing heart. Thanks again!! A& M P.

Lafayette Staff and Doctors, Our family wanted to thank the women of The Women’s Health Group for 9 months of excellent care! A special thanks to Doctor Burgess for delivering our beautiful baby boy! You all have been amazing! Keep up the fantastic work! R, H, M, & J L.

Kelly was great during my procedure. Very patient and understanding. She has a very gentle bedside manner.

love the clinic and staff!  I drive an hour to see Dr. Head and Shauna! They are the best!

Shelly was very helpful and understanding during my procedure. She helped me to stay relaxed and comfortable during the most difficult parts.  She’s a rock star.

Dr. Garcia – Is a very great doctor. She talked me through every part of my procedure and was always making sure that I was comfortable.  Simply AMAZING.

Julie and Dr. Volin are great. Very thorough and helpful with everything. Thank you!  J& L  D.

Julie, We would like to recognize and thank you for your smile and your kindness.  Also for your GREAT patience.  You make every visit and procedure pleasant. R & Family

Dr. Garcia and her Medical Assistants, I felt very well taken care of.  They are sympathetic and sweet.  Thank you, B.H.

Dr. Volin,  You really are a wonderful person and an awesome, caring, funny doctor.  We love seeing you, and it is a great honor for us to have you doctor and deliver our family. You started with my daughter 18 years ago and now all my grandchildren. The 3rd one on the way.  We love you!  R, R, L, K, L, N, & Babies

“This is my first visit with Dr. Long and her nurse Shelly. I am very pleased with my visit they made me very comfortable.” Loretta G.

“Dr. Long is always so genuine and listens to my problems. I really feel like she is trying to do the best by me and find my best option!”

“Shauna at the checkout desk and Erika are both amazing people. They really care and take the time to help us (my girlfriend and me) with whatever they can. They make me feel like they really care about our lives.” Alex C.

“Olivia – Just love her every time I come in!”

“Julie is always bright and nice. My new baby even loves her. (Julie’s got a few smiles from her.)

I am so happy to have a hearty, healthy, baby girl! And I appreciate the care I receive at the Women's Health Group. As my physician, and thru many years of ups and downs, -no matter what - I know that I am always in the best of hands. I always feel that you take extra special care with me. :-) With gratitude, Mindy & Fam

Dr. Volin and his staff are so wonderful! I was at the point that I needed mesh to "pull everything back in". It had to be done, so I hoped it would be ok. It was more than ok, it was GREAT! I don't have any problems anymore and there haven't been any side effects. The staff were pleasant and efficient and I appreciate their caring for me.

I had a full hysterectomy and bladder repair since I had the heavy, falling bladder feeling and some post-menopause bleeding now and then.  My primary clinic took some biopsies and then referred me to Dr. Volin.  He performed my surgery on Tuesday, I was home on Wednesday, and by Friday, the tiny incisions looked good and I could tell my stomach was already less swollen.  Now everything’s ok and I feel great! –Adonna

My husband and I highly recommend Aimee Melton.  – She provided exceptional care for us – her bedside manner, overall kind, caring personality, and attitude, professionalism, and obvious dedication and investment (never rushed) in us and our baby were invaluable.  THANK YOU Aimee!  It is our hope that Women’s Health Group will keep adding midwives! J (And we are!) 

RE: An Excellent Employee
Dear Dr. Hennesy,
This letter is to inform you that Denise who works in your office deserves recognition for her outstanding customer service.

I was having trouble getting my surgery scheduled because I have a complex medical condition. The surgeon’s office wanted a copy of the report that was over 20 years old showing the testing I had done. The tests were from a retired OB/GYN who sent my records to you when I became your patient. I called your office and explained what I needed and why to Denise. She discussed it with your medical records clerk and found what I was looking for. I needed it quickly, but Denise explained I needed to sign a medical release before it could be faxed. She faxed me the release, I signed it, and faxed it back. The surgeon and other specialist received the report and I was able to keep my appointments and schedule my surgery within 10 days. Without her help, I would still be waiting to schedule my surgery.

The last month dealing with doctor offices that are too busy to take a call or don’t return your voicemails for two days while I am waiting in pain for medication or to set up an appointment has been frustrating. It was just so refreshing to talk with someone who cared and listened to my problems. Denise went above and beyond to help me and for this reason I think you needed to know what a great employee you have in her.

I thanked her over the phone for her help, but please thank her again for me and let her know you received this letter regarding her performance.

Respectfully yours,

I have been a Women’s Health Group patient for 5 years, since I moved to Thornton.  I had bladder issues and a prolapsed uterus and hysterectomy when I was 26 years old, over 30 years ago.  No one would believe me that I have been bleeding!  I had endometriosis, extensive scar tissue and worried my parts were falling out.  I needed anterior and posterior repairs – my bladder and rectum needed to be repositioned and pulled in.  Dr. Volin said he had to pull out the tool kit because I was more complicated than expected.  My surgery was done with the daVinci robot, so I only have small incisions and my recovery was easy.  I feel great now and have no restrictions.  I don’t have to constantly look for bathrooms.  I feel normal again.  I even started taking a Zumba class!  I am very pleased with Dr. Volin’s treatment of my problems and of his caring treatment of me personally.   --D.G.

My symptoms were very bad before. I had a lot of pressure down below and wasn’t able to urinate. It was so painful, I had trouble sitting, I needed a pillow. I didn’t like being around many people and parties made me nervous. It was uncomfortable to walk or lay down. Pants would irritate me. I would be up all hours at night. I wasn’t able to go and I felt like my bladder was falling out. I wouldn’t let my husband be near me. I was scared, but I knew I had to do something. My primary doctor referred me to Dr. Volin, but I wanted a female doctor. When I made the appointment, the ladies said the female doctor was out for two weeks, but Dr. Volin was available. I knew I just had to do it, so I came in to see Dr. Volin. I looked up and said to myself, “This has got to work for me.” My blood pressure was up and I was nervous, but Dr. Volin relieved all my anxiety by explaining what he was going to do, step-by-step. He said when he was finished, I would be tip top! And I am! I had the urodynamics test and felt relief right away. Then, when I called Melissa to schedule my surgery, she told me Dr. Volin would do just what he said he would and he is the best. My surgery went start to finish the way Dr. Volin said it would. I feel 100% better. I feel like a woman. I am so happy that Dr. Volin helped me, even though I wasn’t an easy patient. He makes me feel good and treats me with kindness and respect. He called me at home after my surgery to see how I was doing. At my last appointment, he was writing his medical note and I asked him for a copy so I could take it with me. He said, “Sure!” and just gave it to me. He explains my prescriptions and side effects and says if I don’t need them anymore, quit taking them. I have no complaints and all the girls here have always been wonderful to me every time I come in. – Y.C.

I knew I had some issues that made me uncomfortable, feelings like I was sitting on something, feeling things hanging out when I went to the bathroom, and needing pads forever. So my primary doctor recommended I see Dr. Volin. He showed me a pamphlet with all the potential pelvic problems and circled every single one! He said it could be due to any of several things including obesity and having several children. That was 30 years ago . . but he said it just happens over time. So his plan of care was to do a hysterectomy and a pelvic sling. I wasn’t sure about doing a hysterectomy and I planned on playing volleyball this summer. So we agreed to put it off until October. I also went for a second opinion and that doctor had a different plan to fix the issues. I’m not sure if this is routine, but she sent her report to both my primary care doctor and Dr. Volin. When he received the report, he called me three times that day. He stated it wasn’t for the business or to lose a patient to a competitor. He wanted me to understand that the different option would only be a short-term fix and he explained why. He also had some red flags about my symptoms as well and asked if the other doctor doing any pre-testing. They were not, so I requested the tests. They came back with cancerous cells. So there would be no delaying and I am glad I chose Dr. Volin. I had the hysterectomy and pelvic sling with the daVinci robotic method by Dr. Volin. The very next day I was back to my usual routine! I have no side effects or symptoms any more. I feel very very well. When I sit, it is on my butt. When I go to the bathroom, it is amazing. Normal is amazing. It was meant to be that Dr. Volin took care of me. – N.B.

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