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Welcome to our practice! To save you time and make your appointment efficient, we ask all our patients to come prepared for their appointment with completed paperwork. Find the forms that apply to you below, print, and complete them before you arrive at our office. Please arrive 15 minutes early to complete Phreesia® tablet paperwork. You may still be asked for some information and signatures, but this will reduce the time spent on paperwork before your appointment. Please remember to bring your insurance card to each appointment and let us know if there are any changes to your coverage.

Routine Patient Delays

The Women’s Health Group prioritizes the health and safety of each patient. We are committed to using the best clinical judgment for patient care. At times, our patients may experience urgent, time-sensitive, emergent issues. Some are very wonderful, such as the imminent birth of a baby. Some are less wonderful, such as emergency laparoscopy. At these times, our providers must prioritize the emergent case over routine appointments. Our staff will do their best to accommodate you, either by rescheduling, helping you feel comfortable while you wait, or re-directing you to another provider in our office. We regret any inconvenience this may cause, but if you experience an urgent need, you will be happy to know our providers will make you the priority!

New Patients

Are you new to our practice?  If you have never seen our physicians before, please use the following forms:

Established Patients

Have you seen our doctors before? If you have records in our office, please use the following forms:

Request for Access to Medical Records

Records Release

Records Release TO our office from another office:

Occasionally, we will ask you to authorize another physician's office to provide us with your medical records. Due to privacy policies, you will need to request those documents with a form and your signature. The following form can be printed at home, completed and submitted to your outside physician's office. This form grants them your permission to release your records to our office. They may ask you to hand-carry them to our office. In the event they mail or fax your records, please check with us to make sure the records have arrived in our office before your appointment.

Records Release FROM our office to another office:

Are you moving? Is your insurance changing preferred providers for you? Is another specialty needing your records? Please call the office you normally go to and request the appropriate forms, find out fees, and discuss processing time needed to complete your record transfer.

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For your convenience, we have provided links to several of the major insurance companies so you can easily check your benefits and claim status.  The Women's Health Group participates with many other insurances that are not listed below.  Please call us so we can discuss your particular insurance concerns.  You can reach the billing department by telephone at 303-280-2229, or by  emailing a note to .  Thank you!

Insurance and Your Prenatal Care

We are happy to assist you in any way that we can in billing our charges for prenatal care and delivery to your insurance carrier. You must realize, however, that all carrier coverage is not the same and you, the patient, need to be aware of your own insurance benefits. Our Patient Financial Counselor will meet with you early in your pregnancy to explain the charges and obstetric payment plan.

If we provide your complete care and delivery, we will be charging a "global obstetrical fee" after delivery. This fee includes your routine visits to the doctor during your pregnancy, our charges for delivery of the baby, and your routine postpartum visit. The hospital and anesthesiologist will bill their charges separately to you and/or your insurance carrier. Any other services we provide, including ultrasounds, lab tests, non-stress tests, amniocentesis, etc. are outside of the global fee and are charged separately. If you change insurance carriers or providers of medical care during your pregnancy, we will have to bill by service performed, rather than a global fee.

We will make every attempt to preauthorize all extra procedures, such as ultrasounds. As some plans do not cover all services, even if pre-authorized, you will be responsible for payment of all non-covered services.

Some insurance plans may only require you to pay a single co-pay for the complete global pregnancy. Some plans may require you to pay a co-pay for the global OB care and another for each ultrasound, non-stress test, etc. Other plans may require you to pay a co-pay per visit and per service provided. We have no control over how your insurance plan is administered. You will be expected to pay the copayments as processed by your particular insurance plan. If you disagree with how those claims are processed, it will be necessary for you to contact your insurance company about their procedures.

Ultrasounds that are billable to your insurance company are done for medical necessity, not for determining the gender of your baby, or for entertainment purposes.

Any questions regarding these policies should be directed to our billing department at 303-280-2229, Option 3.

Download Insurance and Prenatal Care

Billing Questions

Ask A Question

What insurances do you take?

The Women’s Health Group, P.C. takes most commercial insurances including UnitedHealthcare, Aetna, Cigna, Blue Cross and Blue Shield and Pacificare. Please contact your insurance to be sure we are listed in your network or contact our office for more information. You may also click on the link at the bottom of this page to view our list of insurance programs we are contracted with.

What is my copayment*?

Your copayment amount or “copay” is determined by your insurance company and is often listed on your insurance card. Please contact your insurance for more information.

*Please note, we are typically considered a Specialist office unless otherwise specified by your insurance and copays are due at the time of service so please be prepared to pay or you may be rescheduled.

I paid my copayment, so why am I getting a bill?

You may have a deductible or co-insurance percentage that was applied to your charges—on top of or in lieu of your copay. Please contact your insurance for detailed claims processing information.

What is a deductible and a co-insurance?

A “deductible” is a set dollar amount that you may pay out of pocket for some services to any provider before your insurance company will pay. A “co-insurance” is a percentage of a charge that you pay out of pocket. Please contact your insurance to see if you have a deductible and/or co-insurance that applies to your charges.

What if I don’t have insurance?

At The Women’s Health Group, we understand the importance of quality healthcare and we encourage all women to seek care no matter their insurance situation. We do require that all services are paid for in full at or before the time of service. Some services are eligible for discounts when paid in full at the time of service. Please contact the office for details.

What’s covered under my insurance plan?

The Women’s Health Group cannot quote benefits because we are not an insurance company and we do not administer benefits. Please contact your insurance company for more information about specific benefits.

Can I make payments on my balance?

In most cases yes. Please contact the office for details.

What are my payment options? Can I pay my bill online, over the phone or in person?

We accept the following methods of payment: cash, checks (personal and cashier), money orders, VISA and MasterCard. You may pay your bill via mail, in person, or over the phone with a credit card. Online payments are available through our website. Click here to pay your bill online.

Online Bill Pay

I never got a bill but I was told I had a balance. Why?

Our system does not generate statements for balances $4.99 or less. Those are considered “small balances” and will typically be collected from you at your next appointment.

What is “global billing?”

Global billing is most common in obstetrical (OB) care, but can also apply to other non-OB services. It is a billing method used by most insurance companies which includes office visits related to pregnancy, physician’s charge for delivery and one six week postpartum visit. The “Global Fee” is billed to your insurance by our office at the time of delivery and the hospital will bill separately. Anything above and beyond OB office visits and delivery including, but not limited to ultrasounds, blood draws, sick visits, lab and pathology services, fetal non-stress tests, amniocentesis, etc will be billed outside of global and deductibles and/or co-ins may apply.

Global billing applies to all pregnancies when you have the same insurance throughout the entire pregnancy and when you see only WHG providers throughout the entire pregnancy. If you have changes in insurance coverage or if you transfer care to or from our office, global billing no longer applies.

Global billing also applies to most surgical procedures when there are no complications or changes in insurance. Each surgery has its own number of post-operative days that vary based on the specific procedure code. It may still be necessary to charge a visit or other procedure outside the gobal post-operative days if the visit is not related to the original surgery, or if ultrasounds or further studies are required.

**Please remember, this information is simply a brief overview of Women’s Health Group policies and is subject to change without notice.

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